PEEI: a computer program for the numerical solution of systems of partial differential equations.

  • Title:  PEEI

  • Version:

  • Author:  

  • Description:   PEEI calculates a numerical solution of every solvable system of partial differential equations.

  • Date of release:  

  • Improvements respect to the previous version   Have been improved the GUI, the management of the execution and the execution itself. Was made available the choice between two different methods of resolution of the total system of equations, labeled "normal method" and "other method". The "normal method" is essentially the same of the previous versions, but have been improved its performance and its termination criterion. The "other method" is based on the "interval analysis" and, although is generally slower, has the advantage of being able to calculate always the best solution.

  • License:  Freeware. This version of PEEI must be reactivated once a month, but is completely free for unlimited personal and business use, and also the reactivation takes place for free and quickly with a button that automatically appears.

  • Operating system:   Windows XP and later.

  • Install/uninstall:  Yes, a shortcurt is added to the Start Menu, and PEEI can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs.

  • Language:   English

  • File dimension:   375 kilobytes

  • Screenshots:    screenshot 1  screenshot 2  screenshot 3 screenshots

  • Number of downloads:  620

  • Quick guide:   peei_qg.pdf

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  • Collaboration:   You can submit, to, solved examples of PEEI application to be published in this webpage.

  • Keywords:   differential equations, systems of partial differential equations, numerical solution, solver

Examples of PEEI application:

Hagen-Poiseuille flow (16/11/2008)   

Laminar Taylor-Couette flow (14/11/2008)   

Plane Couette flow (28/10/2008)   

Plane Poiseuille flow (26/10/2008)   

Elastic torsion of a circular bar (16/09/2008)   

Hydrostatic compression of a elastic sphere (16/09/2008)   

Pure elastic bending of a prismatic bar (05/09/2008)   

Elastic axial extension of a prismatic rod (03/09/2008)   

Cooling of a cube with convective boundary condition (28/06/2008)   

Cooling of a cube with imposed surface temperature (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in a thin rod (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in a circle (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in an annulus (28/06/2008)   

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