PEEI: a computer program for the numerical solution of systems of partial differential equations.

Examples of PEEI application:

Hagen-Poiseuille flow (16/11/2008)   

Laminar Taylor-Couette flow (14/11/2008)   

Plane Couette flow (28/10/2008)   

Plane Poiseuille flow (26/10/2008)   

Elastic torsion of a circular bar (16/09/2008)   

Hydrostatic compression of a elastic sphere (16/09/2008)   

Pure elastic bending of a prismatic bar (05/09/2008)   

Elastic axial extension of a prismatic rod (03/09/2008)   

Cooling of a cube with convective boundary condition (28/06/2008)   

Cooling of a cube with imposed surface temperature (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in a thin rod (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in a circle (28/06/2008)   

Heat conduction in an annulus (28/06/2008)   

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